Dementia: a perspective

Taming Alzheimer’s beast and finding new modes of life

It’s a difficult and sensitive subject and it practically affects everyone. There are many fears that can haunt us, but this one stands out. Right after the fear of losing loved ones this one menacingly thrones on my second place:

The fear to forget or of being forgotten.

By this I don’t mean the natural separation that happens with friends we once knew — with reasons being that we are developing in other directions, branching out with different life plans or simply because this strange thing called “life” happens. I mean the kind of forgetting that makes one more and…

A Thought Entertained

About a choice we might not recall

I know, you’re trying to remember, but you won’t. You’ll just have a subtle feeling of what had been.

Before you decided to visit this plane, this crisis-embraced and yet joy-ridden earth, you had existed as a being free from pain, fear or loss. Nothing was to accomplish, nothing to prove. Everything was clear, no veils hung to block your view.

You were free, so was I.

In these moments I knew that all my past worries were petty and meaningless. …

Politics meet posthumanism

Overcoming human boundaries one vote at a time

The human body is nature’s Jack of all Trades: a complex miracle and yet so fragile. Image by Ukriman.

“I don’t want to say the human body is evil, but I don’t like it.”

Meet transhumanist politician Zoltan Istvan, author of Transhumanist Wager, who ran for Governor of California and who intends to run for presidency this year. His campaign motto? “#UpgradingAmerica”.

Istvan is only one of a growing number of people, who call themselves transhumanists, those who strive to overcome the — so perceived — fault-ridden human condition: Those who want to become more than human. The posthuman, in consequence, will be the result of transhuman efforts.

Transhumanism itself can be understood as a way of thinking about…

A psychological perspective on dark urges

Tiptoeing around the void

The call of the void. Many have felt it, most shake it off immediately. It is better known as the high place phenonemon and can be understood as a special case of a sudden thought, that is — almost out of nowhere — intruding our mind.

Woah, where did that come from?

Around 50 percent of humans have already experienced the phenomenon in one form or another:

Have you ever visualized yourself jumping off from great heights — maybe while being on a rooftop or a balcony? Did you feel an eerie urge to let yourself slip or did you witness some kind of — of…

Enter Little Moscow

A place claimed by time

These images originate from a visit of a lost place in Wünsdorf (Germany), at the end of May in 2017.

The trip’s purpose was to visit three abandoned places: The old Soviet military complex in Wünsdorf (which you will see here in a few seconds), the Beelitz Heilstätten and the former Lung Sanitarium for children at Grabowsee in Oranienburg.

The following pictures were made on the historically significant but now abandoned military outpost in Wünsdorf as it was first headquarters to the Nazis Wehrmacht and then later occupied by the Soviets. …

A historic event that is yet to be challenged

The Krakatoan Incident

Volcanic eruption.
Volcanic eruption.
Image of a volcanic eruption by Pexels on Pixabay.

As the following is about an extraordinarily loud sound, I want to clarify what sound, in general and in short, is.

Sounds are caused by swayings in air pressure. For example, when you talk, sing or even just whisper you’re moving air molecules back and forth many times per second, changing the air pressure where the sound occurs and beyond. The louder the noise is, the stronger the movements and changes in air pressure will be — and, as it happened on Krakatoa — the farther its effects will be noticed.

“But there’s a limit to how loud a sound…

Insatiable Space

Cosmic cannibalism and its apex predators

“Eat or get eaten.” — A favorite saying not exclusively among Darwinists and those romanticizing natural law. But is there a galactic food chain, where bigger is stronger and therefore on the surviving end? Let’s move down the bowels of the universe.

Old man on bench watching the galaxy.
Old man on bench watching the galaxy.
The cradle of mankind. A vast arena of gravitational aggression?

When we imagine colliding galaxies, catastrophic images are invoked that would find a fitting place in Hollywood’s next doomsday film cycle. Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich, I’m sure they’d be interested in the script.

Cannibalism on a galactic scale exists. It is even essential for the formation and growth of galaxies. Reality, however, presents the consumption of one galaxy…

Auschwitz Birkenau.

Im Januar des Jahres 2018 fuhr ich mit Freunden nach Krakau, um das nahe gelegene Auschwitz zu besuchen, genauer: das Konzentrationslager Auschwitz. Ich habe seitdem lange überlegt, wie ich über das dort Gesehene, Gelesene und Erfahrene berichten kann — vor allem, um dem Ort und seiner Geschichte gerecht zu werden. Mein Fazit: Ich kann es nicht. Daher schreibe ich nun einiges von dem, was ich von diesem Ort mitgenommen habe beziehungsweise was mich seitdem nicht mehr verlassen hat — ohne Anspruch daran, außerordentlich professionell zu sein. Ich versuche lediglich den nötigen Respekt walten zu lassen, was mir hoffentlich gelingt.


Dennis Steppenwolf

Dad, editor and broadcast assistant. Fascinated by abandoned places, existentialism, alternate realities and the black goo that is the human psyche.

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